Angelica Palad

Wk 15- Artist Interview- Thien Thu Nguyen

At the art galleries this week I saw the work of many artists from foreign countries. As I was walking around the art galleries I noticed that many of the descriptions of the artists had to do with individuals who... Continue Reading →


Wk15- Classmate Interview- Jacky Mares

This week at the art galleries I met Jacky Mares. She's a Junior and is majoring in Health Science. Prior to he major which she just changed this year, she was a previous Biology major just like me! She's planning... Continue Reading →

Wk 14- Artist Interview- Charles Banowetz

This week at the art galleries I witnessed Charles Banowetz art work. It was incredible! I inserted a picture on the left that represents one of his pieces. Th artwork is of a landscape in which he envisioned and painted... Continue Reading →

Wk 14- Classmate Interview- Rogelio Avina

This week at the art galleries, i met Rogelio Avina. I learned that I had interviewed and met his girlfriend in a recent interview of mine. This is the second time that has happened, which I find very coincidental. Rogelio... Continue Reading →

Wk 13- Artist Interview- Shihori Nakayama

This week, I had the honor of witnessing the work of Shihori Nakayama! The work was incredible! All of the fine details were perfected. It was hard not to observe it upclose and personal. I literally glared at each corner... Continue Reading →

Wk 13- Classmate Interview- Cristian Rodriguez

This Week at the art Galleries, I met Cristian Rodriguez. The cool thing is that before hand, I had actually met his girlfriend in one of my other trips to the art galleries. That was pretty coincidental and insane to... Continue Reading →

Wk 12- Activity- Algorithmic Art

For the algorithmic art this week decided to play around with lines. I didn't know exactly what I was going for when I was writing the procedure. Instead I improvised and wanted to write a minimal amount of steps and... Continue Reading →

Wk 12- Classmate Interview- Kyle Wadesworth

While at the art galleries I met Kyle Wadesworth. He's a really cool guy! He's a sophomore here at Cal State Long Beach and is a Computer Science major. He was first interested in computers and technology when he was... Continue Reading →

Wk 12- Artist Interview- Piet Eppinga

This week at the art galleries, I saw an incredible artists work. Piet Eppinga created beautiful structures with very vivid and meaningful ideas. He┬áhas played with clay ever since he was a child. It's great to see that he has... Continue Reading →

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