Hey everyone, and welcome to my page! My name is Angelica Palad and I am currently a Senior at California State University, Long Beach studying Nutrition & Dietetics. I was


originally born and raised in a small agricultural city called Porterville. In 2014, I moved to Southern California to pursue and explore my career goal to become an RD.

As of now, I work full-time between two jobs. I work at Center for Discovery, a mental health facility for adolescents, and am able to serve three different roles: Diet Tech, Counselor, and as an overnight counselor. As my second job, I work in food service at St. Mary Medical Center. On the side I am also volunteering at USC in the AthleticsDepartment working with athletes of different sports facilitating proper refueling and recovery.

From my experience, I have been exploring many fields of nutrition: Community, Sports, Mental Health, and in a Clinical Setting. I’m hoping to either pursue my career goal as an RDN in either Sports Dietetics or Mental Health.

Aside from school and work, I enjoy being active. Whether it be going on hikes or just taking a walk around the block, I find happiness in being under the sun!



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