Angelica Palad

Wk 11- Activity- Sculpture/ Plaster Casting

For this weeks activity we did Plaster Casting! It was really interesting. When I saw that the upcoming activity was sculpture, I assumed we would be working will clay and molding it into a mini sculpture. So to say the... Continue Reading →


WK 11- Classmate Interview- Zachary Kim

At the art galleries, I met a fellow classmate named Zachary Kim. I met him in Gatov- West since we were both looking at the same exhibit. Just like me, Zach is also a Freshman here at Cal State Long... Continue Reading →

Wk 11- Artist Interview- Gabriel Garcia

This week at the galleries, I saw a very interesting exhibit by Gabriel Garcia. I didn't expect to see and feel certain emotions when I walked into it. The gallery was composed of several large pieces that provoked many messages.... Continue Reading →

Wk 10- Activity- Student Choice

For the students choice activity, I decided to revisit the fabric idea since it was my first time. I thought maybe gaining more experience would get me more familiarized with the medium to where I can progress in my skills.... Continue Reading →

Wk 10- Artist Interview- Dawn Ertle

This weeks art gallery featured the artist Dawn Ertle who displayed her pieces in her art show, which she named Radius of action. Her pieces were breath taking! I've never seen anything like it, nor have I heard of this... Continue Reading →

Wk 10- Classmate Interview- Lizbeth Rangel

I met Lizbeth Rangel at the art galleries this Thursday! Just like myself, she is also a Freshman at Cal State Long Beach. However, she commutes from home instead of living on campus at one of the resident halls, She... Continue Reading →

Wk 9- Activity- Architecture & Urban Planning

The building I chose to adopt was the Hall of Science. I chose to adopt this building because I have spent a lot of my time within this building and because I personally love science. The Hall Of Science is... Continue Reading →

Wk 9- Artist Interview- Sheila Ann Rodriguez

This week at the art galleries, I witnessed an incredible idea portrayed through photos, craft, and wood. The artist Sheila Ann Rodriguez expresses her idea of home and the connections it has with our experiences. Her pieces are composed of... Continue Reading →

Wk 9- Classmate Interview- Nailey Silva

This week at the art galleries, I met Nailely Silva. Based off of what I learned about her, he seems like a really cool girl with a great personality. Nailely is a second year at Cal State Long Beach and... Continue Reading →

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