IMG_3311At the art galleries this week I saw the work of many artists from foreign countries. As I was walking around the art galleries I noticed that many of the descriptions of the artists had to do with individuals who had found there way in this world and how they have grown in the art world. It was really fascinating seeing many different people’s styles and techniques. I always learn something when I look at other people’s art. It just gives a whole new perspective and give you new ideas.

One artist who stood out to me was Thien Thu Nguyen. She is from Tokyo, Japan and moved to California. Her hobby’s are watching birds and observing many different landscapes. Many times, she tries to bring her sketch book along with her, but if he doesn’t have it on hand she’ll resort to anything. Receipts, napkins, a newspaper article, etc. Anything she can get her hands on. She prefers to work with water color. This is something I find difficult to work with because it bleeds. It was hard for me at first to keep it concentrated within one area, but after more and more practice I was able to use it more efficiently.

In the photo that I inserted, you can see how well she is able to use water color. Her use of shading with different shades of each hue  and also her ability to add fine details shows her mastery in the medium. I wish her the best of luck in her journey in the art world. I can already tell from her pieces that she’s going to go a very long way and will one day be highly recognized for her work.