This week at the art galleries I met Jacky Mares. She’s a Junior and is majoring in Health Science. Prior to he major which she just changed this year, she was a previous Biology major just like me! She’s planning to use her degree to become a genetic counselor. Genetic counselers council patients and observe their family history. Throught this they’ll be able to determine whether their children may have certain defects in their genes based on them and their partners. Jacky has always been interested in the life sciences, unlike her siblings.

She has two siblings. An older brother and a younger sister. Her brother attends college at Domingues Hills and is majoring in Mathematics. He wants to be a High school teacher. Her younger sister attends college at CSULA and is majoring in Psychology She’s interested in becoming a Psychologist or a therapist. I thought it was really cool that each one of them had different interests in three different routes. Usually siblings affect each other and their interests end up to be somewhat similar. She grew up with her siblings in Compton. However, she told me that it’s in a nice neighborhood.

On her free time she’s trying to get more into photography. She doesnt have one of the high tech cameras, but as of right now she’s saving up for it. It’s a hobby that she barely picked up this year, and is experimenting with. Other than that, Jacky enjoys hanging out with her friends and just having a fun time.

It was great meeting Jacky at the art Galleries on this last week of classes.