This week at the art galleries, i met Rogelio Avina. I learned that I had interviewed and met his girlfriend in a recent interview of mine. This is the second time that has happened, which I find very coincidental. Rogelio is a sophomore and dorms at Beachside in the pacific residential area. He first dormed at Parkside his freshman year, but moved to Beachside for the AC. Originally Rogelio is from Lancaster. He loves Long Beach and the city life, however he does miss home. I was actually able to relate to this a little, because I have a couple of friends who live in Lancaster.

Back at home, Rogelio has 3 siblings. The cool part about the arrangement of his siblings are that they are all 2 years apart and are in a male, female, male, female order. I thought this was so cool! It almost seems as if it was planned out. On his own time, Rogelio has finds an interest in riding motorcycles. He told me about a story where he had fallen when riding on his quad in the mountains. He is also interested in cars as well, mostly their speaker systems. His favorite speaker system is alpine and kicker.

Rogelio’s major is civil engineering which is what he will directly pursue a career in. His job would involve creating blueprints of structures for buildings, bridge, etc. I thought it was very similar to an architect, which he confirmed was similar, but are still two different occupations. It was great meeting Rogelio at the art