This week at the art galleries I witnessed Charles Banowetz art work. It was incredible! I IMG_3199inserted a picture on the left that represents one of his pieces. Th artwork is of a landscape in which he envisioned and painted on a canvas. I have worked with paint before, or attempted to and it is actually one that I lack in. I have found painting to be very difficult only because it is very hard to add details with a brush. I have very high respects for artists who are able to utilize this medium. It’s not as easy as it looks.

Banowetz art revolve around nature and the environment. He begins by pulling from his memory or existing places and then consciously alters them to become something else. As you can see in this image I ave provided, it is not a photographic painting of the actual place. Instead it is his version of the environment. His use of varying hues really adds to the piece and brings the piece to a more abstract setting. Banowetz, primarily focuses on the elements of nature however in distorted arrangements.

I really enjoyed seeing his piece at the art gallery. Especially because most of my pieces are also of nature. It was a great experience seeing someone elses view and interpretation of nature. Although, the medium I used was prisma colors, which can be used for fine details. I noticed that Banowetz was able to accomplish great detail in this piece. I enjoyed his art very much and wish him the best in his journey in the art world.