This Week at the art Galleries, I met Cristian Rodriguez. The cool thing is that before hand, I hIMG_2908ad actually met his girlfriend in one of my other trips to the art galleries. That was pretty coincidental and insane to put together. Anyhow, Cristian is also a Freshman here at CSULB and is undeclared. He’s not sure exactly what he want to do in his future career, but he’s thinking about pursuing a career in interior designing. He said his Dad actually introduced him to this because of his occupation. His Dad puts up curtains for famous people, which is something that I thought was really interesting.

He chose CSULB because it’s close to home and he didn’t want to stray too far from it. Cristian grew up around the LA area and wants to continue his life and experiences here a well. At home he has 3 brothers. Of the three, he is the second eldest. Back in High School, he was in water polo. However, after he graduated he no longer continued to play the sport. He’s also into fitness and attends one of his local gyms called Gym planet. Going to the gym is something we both have in common.

Cristian and I also talked about many random topics. I found out that he loves Iron man, which is actually one character/ super hero that i’m not really a fan of. I also learned that he love cars and working with them. He drives a 2005 Altima right now, but his dream car is a 2013 Mustang. I only know a thing or two about cars, but it was great listening to someone who was more knowledgeable about it. I picked up a thing or two about just listening to his experiences with it. It was Great meeting him at the Art Galleries!