For the algorithmic art this week decided to play around with lines. I didn’t know exactly what IIMG_3158 was going for when I was writing the procedure. Instead I improvised and wanted to write a minimal amount of steps and have it repeated to see the final outcome of small simple steps. I decided to add lines, color, as well as splashes of water just to mix things up a little bit. I also wanted it to be less strict so that even though there is a set of instructions to carry out the project, one could still have the flexibility and freedom that art gives people.

I ended up with an abstract piece. Because the colors mixed when water was added it gave the piece a bigger edge that brought the piece to an even more unpredictable turn. The bleeding of the ink made the overall finished product look really cool! Also the randomness of each step really makes it unique to everyone who performs these steps. Not all pieces will come out the same because it is very tangible.

This project has a really great concept because its an unplanned art. Also its great to see what you can create just from following simple instructions.