While at the art galleries I met Kyle Wadesworth. He’s a really cool guy! He’s a sophomore here at Cal State Long Beach and is a Computer Science major. He was first interested in computers and technology when he was introduced to it in High School. Some computer classes were offered and when he learned more and more about them it sparked an interest in him. He found that he really enjoys this major.

IMG_3138In High School Kyle also figured out how to manipulate calculators and create simple games on them! I could barely use it for math problems, so this was very surprising for me to hear. So far he is working on a PC game in which he has set up and is hoping to one day see others playing. Kyle even pulled out his laptop and let me test it out. I have to admit, it was pretty tricky! But fun!

Kyle grew up within So. Cal and has lived in the same area since. He didn’t dorm his first year and just continues to commute. So to say, Kyle is very familiar with this are, since he only lives about ten minutes away from the university. It was great meeting Kyle at the art galleries and being able to see what he’s all about. I hope he continues with his talent and knowledge about computers. I wish him good luck on the games and softwares that he creates.