IMG_3104At the art galleries, I met a fellow classmate named Zachary Kim. I met him in Gatov- West since we were both looking at the same exhibit. Just like me, Zach is also a Freshman here at Cal State Long Beach. He is currently majoring in Pre- Film. However, he told me that he’s reconsidering and is thinking about possibly changing his major. When I asked what he was possibly interested in he said that he was thinking about majoring in mathematics. I gave him props for this, because Mathematics is definitely a big switch from Pre- Film. It was also a big coincidence considering that my sister, who will be attending her next semester, is also going to major in mathematics. Maybe they’ll come to know each other one day!

I asked him a little more about his experience with film. He actually has been introduced the process a lot more than most pre- film majors i’ve already come to know. Specifically, he told me about the video he had shot at UCLA. A brief description about the film was that it dealt with a boy who was sent to purgatory, in between heaven and hell, after dying. But when he was sent there, he saw someone that he wasn’t fond of. The boy ended up trying to kill that other person, but since they were both already dead, he found that he was just sent back to the same level. Eventually, because he repetitively committed murders the keeper arranged that the boy was sent to hell. It’s a really twisted and interesting clip, but in a good way. Especially if you’re into gloomy films.

Zach can also play the piano. He began learning in the second grade and now continue to play on his own accord for fun. He also tarted to learn the guitar, however this instrument is more new considering that he barely picked it up. He has also been in two muicals! From all of this experience, you can tell that he is very talented in the arts! Wherever he chooses to go, I hope he is able to hold on to these skills and traits!