For this weeks activity we did Plaster Casting! It was really interesting. When I saw that the upcoming activity was sculpture, I assumed we would be working will clay and molding it into a mini sculpture. So to say the least, I was more surprised when I saw this. I thought it was gonna be tedious, but only because the procedure seemed long, but it really was a small and fun project that just took a lot of patience. I couldn’t make it to the event with everyone else in the art class so I went on Friday to Seal Beach with a couple of friends who decided to help me out. Another friend of mine tried making one of her own too.

We followed the procedure posted on the website and watch a couple of parts from the video jut to make sure we were on the right track. As you can from the picture I posted on the left, it didn’t come out exactly like our feet, but at least we tried! It was difficult to get your foot out of the sand without messing with the mold that you’ll be putting the plaster into. We had to really gently ease our feet out of the sand. However, it wasn’t that bad! Regardless of how it turned out, we’re still happy that we were able to get that experience.

As for the waiting process, we all just got some ice cream however someone had to stay behind and then get theirs after we came back just to make sure someone accidentally or unknowingly stepped all over our project. The 30 minutes went by pretty quickly, but jut in case we left it in for at least 45 minutes. Just because we were never too sure when it would completely dry. Better safe than sorry. Afterward, we considered painting our plasters, however we couldnt find anyone who had paint. It would’ve been great though!