IMG_3105This week at the galleries, I saw a very interesting exhibit by Gabriel Garcia. I didn’t expect to see and feel certain emotions when I walked into it. The gallery was composed of several large pieces that provoked many messages. The use of blacks, whites, and greys really pushed a more ominous and a more depressing vibe. The visuals painted contributed to this. Many pieces that Garcia did, like the one I uploaded on the left, conveyed a message about the role of men and their masculinity. The negative associations the public has given it. The words in bold like “HIT” “RAPE” and “KILL” are all negative words associated with masculinity.

It’s true, our culture has evolved to see and expect certain attributes when it comes to men. However, it’s not always the case. Just because men are capable of these things and incidents like these do occur in the world, it doesn’t mean it should be their main labels and tags. Women are also capable of doing these things as well, and yet we’re never associated with these things. I have even heard of a moment where two women had committed a crime which was one of these situations that the public generalizes with only men. These labels are not gender based and shouldn’t be. Since all genders, races, and mot ages are capable of these crimes, we shouldn’t accuse only one group.

I really enjoyed this weeks exhibit. Besides this one, the other art shows that were presenting were also great and amazing as well. This one in particular, this gallery held great pieces with a very powerful message. Hopefully others who had the honor to see these pieces walked out with a better perspective just like I did. it’s something we don’t really think too much about, so this exhibit was a great eye opener.