For the students choice activity, I decided to revisit the fabric idea since it was my first time. I thought maybe gaining more experience would get me more familiarized with the medium to where I can progress in my skills. I was deciphering between spray paint and crocheting, however when it came down to it crocheting took more patience and was harder for me to use. So I decided to challenge myself and choose the harder medium.

I looked up patterns and techniques to accomplish this piece. It was incredibly difficult! It took over 10 videos and time just to make one. I was about ready to give up and try spray painting, but somehow I pulled through. The most frustrating part about it is the fact that if you mess up in one area, it shows. One extra knot or one different knot will change the entire outcome of the piece, so I had to perfect it. During the process I had to unravel and redo knots. Its easy to make a mistake and it’s difficult to do mindlessly like proffessionals. Then again, that’s why they’re professionals.

I have to admit that in certain spots, its noticeable where I messed up and added an extra knot, but altogether, it came out really nice! For the most part, it looks like the outcome I was looking for. I compensated and i’m till very happy with the results. I’m thinking about continuing to progress with this medium and make many more pieces’ possibly clothing. A beanie will be my next project! This weeks activity was a great opportunity for me to pick up a new possible hobby.