I met Lizbeth Rangel at the art galleries this Thursday! Just like myself, she is also a Freshman at Cal State Long Beach. However, she commutes from home instead of IMG_2907living on campus at one of the resident halls, She decided to attend CSULB because it was close to home, which is where she’s comfortable with. She didn’t want to leave and be far from her family and friends. She has 2 siblings, both sisters. We both shared this experience of having only sisters and not experiencing how it would be like to have a brother. I understand her stand point of wanting to stay close to home and I let her know of how lucky she was to be able to see her family ever day.

As of now, Lizbeth is undeclared. She’s thinking about majoring in Biology of Business and design. If she pursues a degree in Biology, she would be looking into becoming a veterinarian. I thought it was really interesting because I had actually thought about possibly being a veterinarian too. She has a strong love for animals which is why she’s contemplating if she should continue with this path. If she pursues a degree in Business, she’s interested in Interior design. She’s interested with home design and creating different scenes and moods within homes and other building as well in family and professional settings. The cool thing I learned was that her boyfriend is also thinking about pursuing this major, which is a big coincidence.

Before college, she was in a hip hop dance team in High School. Even though she isn’t in the dance team in her High school anymore, she still enjoys doing it on her own time. She’s really quick when it comes to dance routines. As long as she watches the routine step by step it’s easy for her to follow. This is something I’m not good at myself, so I give her props for being able to do it.

It was great meeting her at the Art Galleries this week!