This week at the art galleries, I met Nailely Silva. Based off of what I learned about her, he seems like a really cool girl with a great personality. Nailely is a second year IMG_2717at Cal State Long Beach and lives at the dorms. She resides in the Beachside residence halls, where she also lived her first year as a student. She said that she chose beachside because of the vibe, the living benefits/arrangements, and because it is not on the schools campus. She told me a little bit about the residence halls at beachside, like the fact that they have air conditioning and also that they don’t share their bathrooms with about 12 other girls like I do. Wow! IT sounds great. However, Parkside has its benefits too. Next year, she is deciding to apartment instead of dorm again, just to get the outside experience of truly living on her own.

I also learned that she is a Child development major and is also second majoring in family life education. She has not chosen the career she wants to pursue in the future however, she does know the direction. She loves working with children, so she knows that her future career will be along those lines. Previous to this, she was a pre-nursing major, however, she realized that it was not exactly what she looking for. It’s great that she figured this out in the beginning because now she can really focus on what she loves to do.

Besides her academic life, Nailely and I also talked about her life outside. She’s originally from Palmdale, a dessert area within California. She moved to Long Beach when she decided to further her education at CSULB. Nailely explained to me that on her free time, she liked to watch videos on Youtube and also do her makeup. Something we have in common! However, she doesn’t see this as a hobby, just something she likes to do on the side for fun. It was great meeting her, and hopefully me and her and I can talk again soon.