This week at the art galleries, I witnessed an incredible idea portrayed through photos, craft, and wood. The artist Sheila Ann IMG_2719Rodriguez expresses her idea of home and the connections it has with our experiences. Her pieces are composed of thread, wood, photographs, as well as paper in which she used to create the images of the houses in the first picture presented on the left. Rodriguez explains that as she threads and weaves she is in fact drawing and crating an image which mirrors her ideas of the definition of home or a house. She does not keep her strings in any specific order. Instead she creates knots, loops, and bundles while attaching these clusters to the homes she’s created. Rodriguez explains, that this is in fact part of her technique to establish the true meaning of her pieces.

While I viewed her pieces, it sparked images into my head. Of my own home, and my own life experiences. I thought of all the “homes” i’ve had and all the moments i’ve had within each one of them. I associated people, times, and ages to these homes. And in all ways, each “home” has shaped who I am. This is how I interpreted the strings. That each one attaches to each home because regardless of if you are living there or not, you are still connected. Not physically, but mentally and spiritually because it makes up who you are. It showed me my roots.

As for the pieces themselves, they were incredibly strong. The way Rodriguez chose to execute her idea was marvelous and really got her point across. The individual pieces are also well developed. Although the strings are not in a fashioned order, it makes the pieces more abstract. Also the fact that they were all 3D made the image and meaning stand out even more. The picture on the left actually represents my favorite piece that was displayed in the gallery. It was the piece that gave me the images I mentioned earlier. I really enjoyed seeing her pieces displayed at the galleries this week.