The building I chose to adopt was the Hall of Science. I chose to adopt this building because I have spent a lot of my time within this building and because I personally love science. The Hall Of Science is a building which is part of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Most lecture halls of all sciences, such as physical and life sciences are held within this building. The building is approximately 160,000 square feet and had its first open house on September 23, 2011. Within this building many names were dedicated depending on their impact and these names were announced during the open house of the building. Many can still dedicate their names toward this building. The science lab also holds a marine bio lab and a science learning center which holds many creatures, such as snakes, spiders, sharks, etc. These lab are used for observation purposes, but also for tours. Tours given to fifth grade students from elementary schools within the long beach district are given a sneak peak of our research through fun and educational activities within these labs.

The Hall of Science has a sister building, known as the Molecular & Life Science Center. This building was not as expensive as the Hall of Science which was about 105 million, the Nolecular & Life Science Center was about 60 million. Within this building the air vent system are intentionally disconnected to prevent airborne contamination from other labs. Within the basement of the building lies a Cadaver lab, in which bodies that were donated to science are used to carry out experiments and also for observation purposes. The classrooms within the levels above are utilized for lab and activity purposes that are under the provision of physical science professors.

In the rearrangement of the entire campus, I placed the parking structures within the middle of the school to have a more equal and spread out distance from your vehicle and your classes. I also placed alike building near each other depending on their college. For those who reside within the dorms, I also placed them closer to campus so that they have easier access toward school resources. The main problems of the campus is the distance of parking from the actual classes, so I placed it right in the middle with three roads which lead in and out of the parking area so that there would be no congestion due to every student trying to enter the parking structures. I also added more, to make room for more students to park. I placed the USU closer to the dorms, since they live in campus and are more likely to utilize this building on the weekend. Placing it closer will encourage students to leave their building and meet new people. One more issue I wanted to resolve was the placement of the Japanese Garden. It is a known area we have, however its so far from the actual campus that not many have actually entered it. So I placed it close to the USU so others will be able to actually see the garden.