IMG_2592This weeks activity of a remixed culture was fun and a little time consuming. What I decided to do, so as too be safe with copyrights, I created a selfie remix. I took a selfie from each one of my closest friends and attempted to blend them all together. I don’t know too much about the boundaries with copyrights, so I decided to stay on the safe side and use pictures that belong to people who I KNOW won’t sue me! I utilized a picture editing program that allowed me to blend each picture into the backgrounds of the others. And this is what I came up with. It was time consuming only because it was my first time finding this setting on the program and it was difficult blending each picture together. I wasn’t able to diminish all lines, but I was able to have the translucent effect I was looking for.

The internet culture can be very vague in the sense that nothing is directly told. Many people are accidentally violating copyrights, for example famous youtubers get their videos taken down. Also, even though we’re free to say whatever we please, others can use them against us. We feel we have this o called “freedom,” but at the same time, like me we fear the consequences it may come with. We can empower many people and groups, but at the same time we risk getting called out or going viral in a notorious way.

I don’t have much of an opinion on Copyright, to be comepletely honest. This is because I don’t have enough knowledge about it. I’ve only heard of the moments where people are affected by it. In a sense it seems like those who are famous and high in the charts are taken care of when it comes to copyrights. It’s always included within their credits, so it instills fear in the public to be careful with how they use it.

I’ve chosen the free culture license. I allow the public to view and use my pots. This is because I don’t seek publicity or fame. I’m content with just sharing my knowledge and experiences with everyone else around me. Whether they’re inspired, or enlightened,or anything I wouldn’t be worked up over sharing my information. Of course, I wouldn’t post something that is private. If I don’t want it out there, I simply won’t post it.