IMG_2489In Art 110 this week, I met a fellow student named, Antonio Jimenez. Like me, he’s a first year. He’s majoring in Psychology and is hoping to pursue a career as a therapist. Something I also learned, was that he is also a criminal justice minor. What a good combination. He hopes that having that background knowledge will really help him understand the mind and it’s roll in our actions. From our conversation, he seemed really interested in this field so I know that with his dedication he’ll be able to accomplish his goals.

Antonio is from LA and told me a little bit about the area that he grew up in. It was realy interesting. HE told me about the crimes that would happen in his area, but that also a film was shot in his area. However, the film was about a drive by shooting which was even more interesting. He also let me know a little but about his style. Normally he wears all black, but at school e dresses a little more differently than he usually would. Most of his tees are band tees. He primarily listens to metal with System of a Down is his favorite band. The radio isn’t something he’s accustomed to, his reasoning was that he has not found one station that plays the type of metal he’s used to or likes.

Another interest of his is video games. Right now he’s really into the Legend of Zelda. Because fighting/ killing/ violent games are not really something he likes, he usually plays quest games. Not only does he have an interest in video games, but he said that he does a little bit of everything really. He explained that because of his short attention span, if he finds something to difficult as he goes deeper into the subject, he usually gives up and moves on to something else. This allows his to have a knowledge and experience with many things. His talent is spread little by little through various things. When it comes to art, he mostly enjoys drawing anime. Which is where I started out my art journey! It was really nice meeting Antonio this week at the Art Galleries.