In the art galleries this week, I had the pleasure of watching Brian Davis perform. Within the gallery we’re various set ups. A projector displayedIMG_2487 a time lapse of the preparation of his gallery, his juicing performance, two couches where the audience can sit and relax, a little photography area that had a black/ white gradient background, a section which contained multiple pieces to construct anything, and a type writer section which functioned through gases. The artists who were performing at this exhibit also moved around from station to station, so to say, that Brian was not always juicing. The cool thing about the time lapse being displayed is that it was of previous shows, so you can see the progression of the audience and performances. You can really see the success their shows have accomplished. I also learned that these videos and shows are used in their portfolios when applying for certain programs as well as grants. How cool!

Specifically, Brian Davis’s main performance was juicing. He said that just like art can open up your mind and allow you to express yourself, so does juicing. From juicing, your body can readily absorb the many nutrients that nature has to offer. These essential nutrients help your body to grow and think clearly everyday, allowing you to function at your best. He juices every three days, because that’s how long each juice lasts and because the cleaning process is quite tedious. Every three days, he makes enough juice to last him and carries a jug of juice wherever he goes. The fruit he buys, is also not from chain grocery stores, he tries to get the best deals and organic produce to ensure the quality of the food and to also get the highest amounts of nutrients. After many experinces with juicing, he’s learned the trends of how to find quality produce at the appropriate prices. Another cool fact, is that the cups used to drink the juices were made by him! There were some really funky one in there, but that’s overall what made them really unique.

I really loved the performance he put on. The reasons behind it made it better as well. It was enlightening! I as introduced to juicing through a documentary I watched and was already interested in incorporating juices into my daily diet, however the expenses can be immense. Quality juicer, as Brian and other frequent juicers recommend, is to invest in a quality juicer which is usually around 400-500, to get the best experience. One day, i’ll be able to carry this out and do it myself. But for now, it looks like i’m saving up.