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This weeks activity was really interesting. Envisioning my death is something i’ve done before, but to actually go out and act it out was really something different. I’ve thought of a cuople scenarios, but me and my friends actually decided on the final one. In this shot, I’m lying dead on the stairs with a phone in my hand.

The story behind this shot is that my death wa caused by nothing other than distraction. I was leaving my friends room after playing video games and was heading back to my room. However, thi consisted of going down a flight a stairs. Normally this isn’t an issue. People go down the stair all the time, but in this scene I was completely distracted by technology and social media. I was so distracted that I ended up miscalculating one of the steps and fell. Causing me to be knock my head against the stairs killing me instantly.

Technology and Social Media are fun, don’t get me wrong. The only problem is that nowadays, it’s all everyone pays attention to most of the time. People forget that there’s a real world out there that we can easily go out and experience. Many hide behind their screens to converse and be social with. They rely on site like Twitter or Facebook to know what all their friends are up to. The best way to communicate and interact with others is through face to face conversations. And the only real way to experience things, is by going out there and pursuing these activities. Don’t sit with a controller and play basketball, instead grab a ball and shoot some hoops with some friends. It’ll be Ten times more fun than any video game.

Dying because of social media and technology is extreme, I’ll admit. But this event has been ongoing and is only happening more and more frequently.