This week at the art gallery, I witnessed many great pieces. One in particular was by Clare Samini. Her piece was in the Paradox exhibit, which as I walked in was defined as a statement that contradicted itself. The exibhit included various artists and displayed their skills and talents with printmaking. I saw a IMG_2456couple pieces in there that were really cool! I really enjoy the ink/ print style. You can do a lot with it. I’m really unfamiliar with how the process goes, however I’m considering taking the class and learning more about it.

I inserted one of Clare Samani’s pieces, which she titled, ” I know that I know nothing at all.”  I’m not sure what this piece meant, but from the title and the image of a little girl I thought that maybe because of her adolescence she’s inexperienced and unaware of the world around her, but she acknowledges that. The fact that she’s on top of many stones shows her vulnerability and how each steps she takes can hurt her, but that’s the experience because it’s the only way she’ll mature and grow up.

Clare explained that before he carries out her pieces, she has an idea or a thought at least that leads her to her official piece. She wasn’t always into this type of art. She only started to show interest in it when someone introduced it to her. From that moment on, she began to explore this medium. From what i’ve seen, she’s doing incredibly well and succeeding in this direction. While in the lab she carries out her pieces and says that it is a lengthy process. I have a lot of appreciation for this type of art, now that i’ve heard about the experience from others.