This Week I met Liz! She’s a Kinesiology major, which I thought was pretty cool because I was actually considering minoring in it. Kinesiology is a really interesting subject, and I believe that it will help me in what I IMG_2455want to pursue in the future. Liz’s goal for he future occupation is to become a physical therapist. She knew she wanted to pursue a career in this field when she had gotten hurt herself. Because she knows the feeling of wanting to get better, she became interested in what physical therapists do in helping their patients recover from any incident.

Liz also enjoys art, something that we both have in common. She became interested in sketching her Senior year when she took an art class with her coach who was also an art teacher. She showed me a couple of the pieces she dre through pictures she had taken with her cellphone. She’s REALLY good. However, she says that she doesn’t have time to sketch anymore, but is hoping to be able to continue drawing for fun.

I also discovered that she dorms too. She resides in Hillside and is originally from Santa Clarita, which is near Six Flaggs. She’s an only child, but even though she didn’t have siblings to take care of, she still has a nurturing personality. You can tell from the fact that she wants to be a Physical therapist. It was so great to have met Liz.