This week I met Summer Morgan at the art galleries. Quick note, her name was the first thing I noticed because it has two first names! Moving on, I met her toward the end of my visit at the galleries. I learned that she also isn’tIMG_2390 from around this area. The crazy thing is that she lives in a town called Orchitt, which is around Santa Maria. It’s crazy because that’s where my roommate is from. Really cool meeting another person from the same area. However, even though they were both from the same area they never met. Both my roommate and she thought it was weird considering they lived near each other.

Summer is also a freshman and dorms at hillside. She is a Psychology major and isn’t sure what she wants to do with it. She does know that she loves helping people solve problems. Some occupations she was looking at was to be a drug counselor, or to be in forensics. Although she doesn’t know what her goal is, she does have a direction. Next semester she plans to attend a CC back in her area because she misses home. After, she plans to transfer over to CAL POLY SLO because it’s much closer to her home. There she will be able to get her education done, but also have the comfort of home.

We also talked a little about our lives at home. Summer loves the show Law & Order because of her interest in forensics. Because of her interest, she was thinking about possibly pursuing a job within that field where she can council people and maybe help solve cases.I also learned that she has 4 siblings back home. Considering that I usually meet people with 1 or 2, she has quite a large family.

I’m glad I met Summer on Thursday! She was really cool.