This week at the art Gallery was one of my favorite! In a gallery titled “La Vie En Noir,” I met the artists Romina Del Castillo and Emily Babbette. Sadly I was only able to talk to Romina because she physically walked with me in the gallery and showed me which pieces were hers and which were Emily’s. There I continued to talk to IMG_2388Romina and ask about her pieces. We talked about her pieces and her interest in the art as well as her own personal life.

Her pieces were INCREDIBLE! The details and perfect porportions of the people were insane. She let me know that each piece is a drawing of real people. Of friends primarily, and she discussed that she had these people pose for her at least 5 times each. Her pieces were similar to Emily’s, however, hers contained more color. I asked the significance of this, and she replied that it was for experimental reasons, to experience new ways to use each media. Her pieces had paint, pastel, pencil, graphite, all kinds of things she clarified.

I also learned that she is Peruvian and moved back and forth before her family decided to permanently stay within America. Romina really enjoys her life here and plans to stay here and have her own family. She hopes to continue being an artist and to make a living this way. I believe that she will thrive in the art world and that she will be recognized because her art skills really are incredible.