I have to be completely honest, This weeks activity was a little confusing. I went to the Fine Arts Building on the second floor, but really had no idea of what I was looking for. But on the other hand, the second floor was interesting to see. There were many projects that were being shown on the walls and within the glass displays. Everything was colorful and showed complete creativity. I learned that you can make art out of literally anything! It doesn’t need to be complicated and it doesn’t have to be big. It can be as little and as plain as a even a pencil.IMG_2391

I yarn bombed something that was mine so that I wouldn’t get into any trouble. Also Because I’m not allowed to yarn bomb any of my furniture. It was really fun getting to try different methods with the yarn because they all accomplish the same goal, but depending on how you wrap it or the technique you choose to use, it can create different patterns and things. I decided to crochet a bow onto my little shoulder bag. The bow I made had a little bit of glitter so it added a nice “glamour to my plain bag. It was actually really hard! I looked up billions of videos just to start the bow! It definitely made me appreciate the art of crocheting a lot more.


In comparison with the grgraffitiI’d have to say that I’ve found my weaknesses. I enjoy art, but these to types are DIFFICULT! It takes a lot of skill and patience to create just one of these pieces. Both were honestly, just as difficult for me. I definitely need to improve more on both types of art.

In my opinion, both shouldn’t be stereotyped. Sadly enough, its already that way. Crocheting is associated with females, while graffiti is associated with males. Crocheting required a lot more patience as opposed to graffiti and it required more gentle materials and creating pieces that are more useful to everyday. Graffiti involves spray paint which is much more harsh and toxic when compared to yarn. Also the art itself has a notorious name because of vandalism. However, males and females anywhere could really practice both arts and it wouldn’t be the slightest bit unusual. As a matter of fact, I’m sure both sexes are involved in both arts.