IMG_2305In the Werby-gallery this week an exhibit displaying multiple pieces by competing students. These students who decided to partake in this event, submitted a digital photo of their piece. These pieces were then judged by a jury who then chose the best of the many submitted pieces. The pieces they believed showed the most attractive style, dedication, and visual were displayed at the gallery this week.

The pieces I chose to share are these two to the left. They’re both incredible pieces that I believed attracted me the most. The composition of both are exceptional, especially the hands, which are difficult for most people to paint or draw. I believe the main reason these pieces attracted me was because of the medium they used: Oil pastel. Oil pastel is by far, in my opinion, one of the hardest tools to use when creating a piece of art. Majorly because it is almost impossible to create fine details. However, both artists were able to add those details and  create a realistic image of hands and a person.

The fact that these pieces were selected out of many is really cool. If it were my piece up there, I would feel honored. Honored because, out of the entire poll of artistic and talented young students, my piece stood out to the jury. While I explored the other pieces in the gallery, I understood why they chose all the pieces they did. The hard work and creativity showed through out each piece. Not one was bland or unappealing to the eye. Rather they showed exactly what the jury was looking for: outstanding pieces of art.