These two kickstarters are from the food category and deal with the acts of gardening. Even though both of these projects have different goals, they have the same solution. In the Kickstarter project, “Turning Yards into Gardens,” their goal is to raise 10,000 and spread a wide awareness of the benefits the world can get by transforming your lawn into a garden. According to their provided statistic, “Americans spend over $30 billion every year to maintain over 40 million acres of lawn. Yet over 40 million people live below the poverty level.” They’re arguing that turning our lawns into gardens is powerful enough to feed the homeless in the entire nation. The second Kickstarter, “Bring the Garden Back to Garden City,” has to do with replanting a center of gardening in Garden City. Their primary goal is to raise 27,000 to transform an area for the whole town to contribute to and also to spread it within their community which will bring the tradition back to life. Both these kickstarters use communication by making connections in the community and spreading the words through the media.

These two Kickstarter projects are from the technology section. Two completely different advancements, but incredible ideas. The first one, “LIGHTORS: The world’s first MONSTER batteries,” has a goal to raise 15000 to fund for this project. Their product is a rechargeable battery, which will save money and is definitely much better for the environment because it’s reusable. No more worries about incorrectly disposing them and how to deal with battery acid leaks. Luckily for them, they have already raised enough to fund the project. The second kickstarter project from the technology category is “Prynt: the first instant camera for iPhone and Android. Their goal was raise about 50000 to carry out their mission, but they’ve already received a great amount of support already’ just a little over 1000000! How insane is that?! The product they’ve created was an instant printer that you can attach to your mobile device. You can print out the picture just like a Polaroid camera. Cool concept! These videos effectively used communication within their videos by showing relate-able experiences by showing how useful it would be to the majority of people. Its no wonder both projects are able to accomplish more funds than asked for from the public.