In this exhibit called The Odyssey, two artists named Rachel Gehrke and Makaila Palmer, presented their art pieces at the galleries this Thursday. Their paintings were so BRIGHT and COLORFUL; the complexity in their IMG_2182work made it far more appealing to look at. Although both Rachel and Makaila’s art work expressed similar topics, the techniques as well as goals differed in some ways. Both artists covered the topic of the various cultures through out the world and how they interact with one another or appeal to the rest of the world.

To the left, are two pieces by Rachel. They’re titled Nautical Tangled and The Moon Garden Unravels. These two paintings caught my attention because of how abstract it was. Also the type of medium used: Acrylic, charcoal, and oil pastel. Three mediums in which I find to be quite difficult to work with. However, her skill with these types of mediums are highly noticeable, so I have high respect for that. Her pieces are also more concentrated or tied to the visuals of the ocean. She says that the complexity of the ocean and the many natural forms that are within it can really explain the initial topic.

Unfortunately, I didn’t snap a picture of Mikaila’s art work. On another note, I did witness some of her pieces which were just as amazing as Rachel’s! The differences are noticeable when it comes to style. Mikaila’s pieces were more modern, in my opinion. She says that she decided to accomplish the topic through pieces that were more connected to cities, unlike Rachel who utilized the complexity of the oceans. The various hues and splashes of brightness showed the more personal connections and the role it plays in various cultures.

The Oddysey was quite the eye catcher! With many abstract paintings, the audience, including me, use our imaginations to uncover the mysteries behind each piece.