This Thursday at the art Gallery I met a fellow student names John Sayson. It was different how we engaged in IMG_2179conversation, compared to the last two weeks. Usually the conversation miraculously starts off as a coincidence. Either we both were looking at the same art or like the previous week, someone apple falls next to me. However, John came up to me on his own accord and asked if he could interview me. It wasn’t expected, but if anything I realized an existing and obvious way to meet new people: Go up to them yourselves.

John was really interesting. He’s in his third year, but has switched his major numerous times to where I can only remember three. English, art, and his current major, Film. I’ve only met one other person who was a film major. So it’s great to meet others who have goals in that direction, especially since they will be the future of the media and entertainment industries! one day you can tell your kids you met the producer, director, actor, actress of these movies. Crazy concept right?!

John and I also talked about his favorite film directors. Both Akira Kurosawa and Yasujiro Ozu are Japanese film makers. I haven’t watched any films from them specifically, but it’s definitel something new to look into. We learned in our conversation that we were both Filipino! Having similar ethnic backgrounds can really enhance your understanding of another person. Overall, John was a very interesting classmate and it was nice to have met him.