Today on the Lyca show, I decided to step out of of my comfort zone through fear! I consider myself to be more extroverted, so something that was out of my comfort zone took a little bit more time to think of. To be honest, heights are not really my thing. I love roller coasters, don’t get me wrong, but heights in general without being strapped to this structured/planned out mechanism is much more intimidating. Placing myself in this position was definitely something different and had me on edge.

Just to clarify, I witnessed¬†another friend who did this before I did, so I knew it was possible to live through it! Regardless of my friend’s survival, I was still skeptical about it. But then I thought to myself, nothing ever happens in your comfort zone. So there I went. I walked up the steps and fit my body between the two escalators, rested my forearms on the escalator’s railings and lifted my feet from the metal slope. And before I knew it my weight, with the help of gravity, pulled me down and I was racing to the bottom of the steps. Great news, I survived. But wow. What a RUSH! It all happened so quickly I was only to catch and really think about what happened, only after I got to the bottom. The speed at which I was descending was not expected. I was actually hoping the friction would slow me down. Great to say I was disappointed in that factor because the speed is what made it all the more intense.

This activity was really different, but really fun. I’ve daydreamed before about skydiving and bungee jumping. Sadly I didn’t have that luxury, let alone the money. And this was the safest, tallest height, and cheapest opportunity I could find that got me close to that dropping sensation. In the end, i’m happy it happened. I got that rush and a new experience. One day I’ll be able to bungee jump, or even sky dive like I’ve imagined, but for now this was a great prep. I’ll eventually inch my day towards the skies.