Many incredible pieces were previewed this week at the gallery. One show that particularly caught my attention were the pieces displayed by an artistic group called “Get on the Wall: A Young California Squad.” This exhibit Get on the Wallpreviews young artists not only from around this area, but from other regions of California. Specifically, it varied from The Bay Area to El Monte, to Santa Ana, East L.A. to Sand Diego, and Pasadenas to Long Beach. These artists are in the Painting BFA program and are constantly improving their artistic talents through direct practice. The pieces displayed are actually ones they perceive to be their best and ones they take much pride in.

As I walked around the exhibit I was surprised, but at the same time expected it. These are young artists and the work they’ve created are incredible. I myself draw and have some artistic moments, but even I couldn’t deny that these young artists have surpassed my talent by a million. Not only was it the art, but the ideas and creativity in each piece. It takes skill to place your ideas on paper, but it takes even more skill and creativity to even have the idea in the first place.

As to why it was expected to me is primarily because art is developing more and more as time goes on. The young are beginning to create new and contemporary types of art and genres that it isn’t surprising that they are now setting the bar for future artists. Also creative minds are highly active at these ages, thus giving us amazing pieces like these. We often underestimate the youth, when instead we should expect that their imaginations can lead to great things.