This week’s activity is titled the INSTAGRAM PROJECT. Here, we post at least 4 pictures about our daily lives and hashtag art110s15 to form a group portrait. Within this group portrait you can see an overall view of the personalities and lives of our peers. I posted up four portraits; one of the dorms to show my living situation, one of the art to show education’s role in my life, one of the gym to show how important my health is to me, and one of my friends to show that even though i’m independent, people and social encounters are what also makes my life more positive.

The cIMG_2075ool thing about this project is the fact that we’re interacting and sharing our lives with people we’ve never or will eventually meet in the future. And that’s exactly what instagram and other social medias are all about; connecting with people from various places in the world, but most of the time people don’t stop to think about that and how frequently we do so. We all live in the same world, yet we don’t always connect with one another physically or directly. Sometimes we connect through the digital world and by participating in this project we see the similarities our classmates may or may not have with us. It shows us just how connected we are and that we aren’t as different as we perceived ourselves to be.

While looking through the group portraits I noticed a couple of things. One is that we could literally be passing by one of our classmates without even knowing it. Some students had actually engaged in activities I do and some also go to the same areas I do throughout the day. Knowing that I unknowingly pass by someone that i’m somewhat connected to is insane. It makes you wonder how many times it probably happens on the daily. Two is that i’m not the only one who dorms. And this should be obvious, considering that i’m not the only freshman in this class, but I didn’t really acknowledge this beforehand. We live within the same community and we’re basically going through similar experiences; moving out of our homes and into the dorms to experience “living on our own” and being more independent. And three, we’re all very different people with different interests, but we were all somehow gathered in this one class. How the universe unravels and leads people to one place at points in time is, yet again, something insane to think about.