This week the classmate I met was Amanda Bjornstad. We both came to class early and engaged in conversation when she ended up dropping an apple she was about to eat. I guess there’s a lot more different conversation starters than thought. After introducing ourselves, we continued onIMG_2057 throughout each exhibit and shared ideas on the pieces we saw. We also brought up the previous exhibit from last week and shared our ideas on Maccabee Shelley and the interesting glass sculptures he created. We found out we both had similar reactions to the meanings behind them and the pieces themselves.

I also learned a little bit about her background as well as personal life. She lives in an area known as Villa Park, here in So. Cal. So she’s pretty familiar with these surrounding areas. The cool thing about our conversation is that, since i’m still new to So. Cal, I learned a couple of new things about Long Beach and the regions of So. Cal. More so, I learned about the types of things I should expect to see and be aware of in these areas.

Another cool fact about Amanda is that she has experience with gymnastics. Something completely foreign to me. Of course I’ve heard of it, but I haven’t met anyone who has actually dedicated many hours to this sport and is amazing at it. Even htough she didn;t physically show me her skills, i’m convinced that she’s highly flexible. Although she enjoys gymnastics she’s currently majoring in Biochemistry. She noted that she doesn’t know exactly what she’s gonna do with this degree once she graduates, but regardless she’s certain that this is the field she wants to go into and pursue a career in. It was great to have met Amanda and to actually get to know these parts of her life.