IMG_1908At the art gallery in which I viewed Maccabee Shelley I met a classmate named Jones. It’s funny, however, how we accomplished to have a conversation through the whole art gallery session and even continued the conversation after class without mentioning our last names.

We first started our conversation when we were contemplating on the message that is trying to be portrayed in a painting titled “Constructions” by Rosana Anguiano. To say the least, we didn’t exactly decode it’s meaning! We ended up looking at other pieces and eventually joined the mass conversation with Maccabee and looked at the pieces he displayed during his show. After the show, we also continued our conversation and walked around campus for a while.

Besides the artwork, we did learn a couple things about each other. Jones has lived in So Cal for his entire life, so he’s most familiar with this part of California- something i’m not. He’s currently majoring in Computer Engineering and is not exactly sure with what he wants to do with his degree once he graduates. As of now, he’s thinking about becoming a math instructor because he’s very knowledgeable within that subject and really enjoys it. He also enjoys art. Although he doesn’t draw on a daily basis, he does enjoy drawing anime which is a type of art i was familiar with since I started my art journey with anime. It was a great conversation!