For this weeks activity I attempted to tag my name, which didn’t go exactly the way I planned. I am not experienced in spray paint in any way, so it is the most difficult medium I’ve ever used so far. I decided to tag my nickname, Lyca, only because it is the name I am most used to. My name, Angelica, is more of a formal way of addressing me and I thought my piece would better express who I am through this name.

I first began my project with a rough sketch onto my board. I eventually found out that that was the easy part.¬†Concentrating the paint in one are would have to be the hardest part about the project because of the fact that it can go everywhere. I tried different techniques with the spray can and even looked up videos on how to spray paint! Because It didnt come out the way I would’ve wanted to I touched up some areas with a sharpie just to create some sharp edges and details that put the whole piece together.

I definitely underestimated this medium. I’ve mastered many different types of mediums through my entire art journey and didn’t know just how hard it is to work with spray paints. It’s definitely on my list for improvement. For me, this doesn’t stop here. I look forward to trying this again and creating a piece dedicated to my progress and of course for self expression.