Hello World! My name is Angelica Palad. I am beginning my blog with entries for my Art 110 class at CSULB. In our first session, we had a discussion that revolved around three topics: “Culture,” “Technology,” and “Art.” Many students had their opinions on how they defined these words, but here’s my take.

Culture: Culture is a way of society. These societies can be ethnic, geographical, religious, etc. groups and depending on their style of living; what they eat, their traditions, their language. This is what will primarily define their specific “culture.” Also, because it depends on the group, culture varies, making it more difficult to make a general definition.

Technology: Technology is ANY kind of tool that is created to improve our efficiency. In my opinion, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a high tech advancement or gadget. It can range from a pencil to a satellite. So long as it is a physical object to better society, it can be identified as technology. Or perhaps it doesn’t necessarily have to be an object, the internet can also be categorized as technology. So in this case, possibly even abstract advancements?

Art: Art, as many people will say, is a way of self expression. And that’s exactly what it is! When words are no longer an option and and a piece of paper and pencil is all you have, DRAW IT OUT. You’ll feel this sense of relief, almost as if some of your stress instantly depleted. And it isn’t only drawings or painting that are a form of art; dancing as well as music etc. can also be classified as art. It all depends on the person and their preference. One of the greatest things about art is the fact that it can be shared, and regardless of it’s original content or meaning, people can portray it to be anything they want. They can mold it in their own minds and find the beauty in it through their own perspectives. And that is what art is all about; expressing your own thoughts and ideas.